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Patient Recruitment


Rapid and well-documented patient recruitment and enrollment is the first important service in the execution of clinical drug trials. Leveraging our extensive yet cost-effective European network, EGeen is known throughout the industry as one of the most aggressive and thorough patient recruiters. From standard patient recruitment in strict accordance to protocol design to one of the best ‘rescue’ recruitment programs in Europe, EGeen can deliver on the cohort size and characteristics needed for your drug trials.

Centralized healthcare systems for operational focus

EGeen leverages healthcare system design in many Eastern European countries to quickly add qualified patient subjects onto the trial cohort rolls

Strong referral networks to leverage enrollment

EGeen’s experience in patient recruitment has built up a strong network of intra-country referral sites that take time and cost off the overall recruitment time period

Cost Effective Infrastructure

EGeen’s network is designed for cost effective delivery of full trial cohort rosters, through the use of its established site networks and administrative reach within each country

Rescue Patient Recruitment

Using EGeen’s inherent recruitment advantages, EGeen maintains one of the strongest clinical trial ‘rescue’ recruitment services in the region. Such a capability is key during trial management to maintain data integrity and timelines