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Compliance / Quality


Compliance / Quality

The heart and soul of any clinical trial and its associated services is the strictest adherence to quality processes and full compliance to any and all applicable regional and international regulatory standards. EGeen’s non-compromising approach to this standard ensures quality data integrity for optimal analysis and rapid submission.

Quality as an Asset

EGeen views operational quality as almost a physical asset, around which our services are governed; a slogan will not guarantee successful outcomes, but rather the fact that they are designed into and monitored by our processes.

Compliance as Mandatory

EGeen views strict compliance to all regulatory standards and processes as mandatory, for both data integrity and process outcome. Concurrent in this approach is the full knowledge of all regional and international standards.

Strategic Interplay of Both

Quality of work within a strict and complete regulatory compliance is a powerful strategic advantage. The 'what and the how' of service Delivery is an EGeen strength.